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High quality post-processing effects at your fingertips

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We provide a host of high-quality post-processing effects to improve the visuals of your favorite video game. Injected into games via ReShade, our highly customizable shaders can be used on countless video games and 3D rendering applications.

Many of our cutting-edge effects are the powerhouse of popular game modifications, the Ray Traced Global Illumination Shader (RTGI) has even been added to the NVIDIA driver. If you are new to ReShade, check out our free iMMERSE collection with our guides helping you along the way. To go (iMMERSE) Pro, join us on Patreon to revolutionize your gaming experience with our most cutting-edge tools today!

1. Install ReShade

ReShade is a universal shader injector for almost all games and other 3D applications.

It adds third-party effects/shaders to the target application by intercepting rendering calls of the game. ReShade serves as an interface to customize the visual experience of the target game and does not perform any graphical changes on its own.


To start customizing your graphics, add our effects to ReShade, configure them and enjoy your personal vision.


Some of our best shaders are free! The iMMERSE collection is included in the ReShade installer and contains a set of unique and high quality effects. You can also download it on GitHub.


iMMERSE Pro is the first batch of our higher-end effects on Patreon. It contains the community favorite ReShade Ray Traced Global Illumination Shader (RTGI) and more. Each of the iMMERSE Pro effects is the quintessential tool for the task we designed it for.

iMMERSE Ultimate

iMMERSE Ultimate is our second batch of high-end effects on Patreon. In addition to the aforementioned effects, you will get the absolute top shelf.


The following pictures have been taken exclusively with our effects and contain no further post processing.


We divided our effects into the iMMERSE (MartysMods Epic ReShade Effects) and iMMERSE Pro suites. iMMERSE is freely available on Github, iMMERSE Pro is our Patreon-only collection with more powerful effects.

Check the pages for each effect in the title bar to learn more about each effect we offer. To access what we offer, head over to the download section. And if you are curious about the potential of our effects, the gallery is an excellent place to start.

If you need help, our guides will help you at each step along the way, even if you only want to try out ReShade without what we offer. The community on both our Discord and the ReShade Discord will also welcome you with open hands.

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