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ReLight unlocks a new dimension for visual storytelling and scene customization by adding custom path-traced light sources to game scenes. Transform ordinary game scenes into stunning and imaginative screenshots with a few tweaks to light and shadow.

Why ReLight?

Limitless Creative Options

ReLight can either refine or dominate the scene. That green cauldron in the back? Add a light glow to it. Does the face look flat? Rembrandt lighting it is.

ReLight will completely change how you take screenshots because it takes the game’s lighting out of the equation.

Fully Path Traced

These are not your ordinary game light sources! ReLight accurately handles area lights with raytraced visibility for correct umbra and penumbra.

Under the hood is a proper path tracer with importance sampling, multiple bounces, and spatiotemporally optimized sampling patterns.

Subsurface Scattering

Since ReLight is best suited for portraits, it is natural to add subsurface scattering to the mix for smooth skin lighting.

We’re not compromising here either: ReLight’s SSS is Burley’s Normalized Diffusion, invented by Pixar and used in production game engines.


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