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We provide a wide variety of effects. Below is an overview of all we currently offer and where to get it.

Whatever your vision for your game is, we have the tools to get it done.

1) Install ReShade

2) Install our Shaders

3) Enjoy

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If you just want to dip your toe in and get started with ReShade, check out our free content.


  • Public Shaders (iMMERSE)
  •  Presets
Includes Discord benefits

Public Shaders (iMMERSE)

Some of our best shaders are free! Just download the iMMERSE collection from its Github repository and consult the guide section to get started. Alternatively, it is also available in the ReShade installer as a package. Currently included:

  • MXAO
  • Launchpad
  • SMAA (modified, much faster than baseline)
  • Sharpen

Presets (soon)

To get started, we spent ages creating presets for all™ your favourite games so you don’t have to. Install ReShade, the shaders and these presets and your game looks better immediately. Then you can get creative! Or just never touch it again and enjoy your game 2.0. You do you.


The Patreon-only effects can be downloaded by joining the respective Tier and work indefinitely, so no active subscription is required to keep using them.

It is really up to you whether you want to pay once or keep supporting us 🙂

per month

  • Access to our Discord Server
  • Preset Voting
Includes Discord benefits


Join our Discord community and exchange results with other beginners and veterans of the graphics modding community! Joining this Tier grants you the “Rasterizer” role on our Discord.

Preset Voting

The 5$ Tier grants you access to specialized, high end presets for games the community voted for. But this Tier already grants you access to the polls that decide which game we tackle next! That way, if no existing presets pique your interest, you may already vote with this Tier and upgrade later in case your favorite game wins.

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Ray Tracer
per month

All of the Benefits above plus:
  • rtgi-access
  • iMMERSE Pro Shaders
  • Community-voted presets
Includes Discord benefits

iMMERSE Pro Shaders

This is the first tier for unlocking access to most of our high-end shaders. Currently included:

Community-voted presets (soon)

This tier grants you voting rights and access to regular polls in which YOU decide for which games we create presets for. Want to use the ReShade Ray Traced Global Illumination shader and friends but getting started configuring it seems daunting? Vote for your favorite game and get a “Marty’s Cut” preset for it.

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Path Tracer
per month

All of the Benefits above plus:
  • iMMERSE Ultimate Shaders + Addons
  • Shader Voting
Includes Discord benefits

iMMERSE Ultimate

This Tier unlocks the second batch of our high-end shaders. These mostly include early versions and specialized tools for power users. Currently available:

  • ReGrade+ (Addon)
  • Lut Manager (Addon)
  • Convolution Bloom
  • ReLight

Shader Voting

This Tier makes you eligible to have a voice in what shaders we will focus on next!

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Photon Mapper
per month

All of the Benefits above plus:
  • get mentioned in video credits!
  • eligible for beta testing!
Includes Discord benefits

Beta Testing

Depending on what we are currently working on, be it presets or shaders or addons, we might be on the verge of delivering some bleeding-edge feature that … just isn’t quite right yet.

If you want to help seeing to completion and assist us in straightening out the kinks (or just want to have it earlier than anyone else) this is the tier for you.

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