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Convolution Bloom

Next Generation Bloom

Convolution Bloom delivers the most accurate bloom simulation for your video games. Unlike other methods that use a series of small blur filters at progressively lower resolutions, Convolution Bloom performs a pixel-accurate convolution with customizable diffraction patterns. Unleash your inner JJ Abrams!

Why Convolution Bloom?

Superior Accuracy

Performing bloom the way our Convolution Bloom does it is usually reserved for AAA engines or offline renderers and cannot be found in games usually.

Games simulate bloom using convolutions, i.e. blur filters, where each pixel scatters its color onto its neighbours according to some mask.

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

The overhead of a convolution depends on its size, and accurately simulating bloom typically requires a full-resolution, screen-sized convolution. By using FFT, we can replace this size-dependent cost with a flat overhead.

Computing FFT at the required resolutions has been too expensive for real-time use and games only started adopting this method in very recent time.

Procedural Masks

Being able to perform arbitrary convolutions at a fixed cost allows us to offer a variety of masks for creative experimentation.

The title image shows the diffraction mask of a hexagonal lens aperture applied as a convolution kernel to every pixel on the screen.


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