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God of War NVIDIA DLSS & Reflex Game Ready Driver Released – Download and Install For The Definitive Experience

We’ve worked with the modding community and teamed up with Pascal Gilcher, a popular ReShade Author, to release three advanced, depth-based Freestyle filters, SSAO, Dynamic DOF, and SSRTGI, a modified version of his popular “Ray Tracing ReShade Filter”…

by Andrew Burnes, Ryan Narragon

14 Jan 2022

Path Tracing ReShade Q&A with Pascal Gilcher (AKA Marty McFly) – How It Works, When It’s Out, and More
by Alessio Palumbo || 14 Aug 2023
Skyrim Modded with Path-traced Lighting – and All DX9+ Games Could Follow
by Alex Battaglia || 1 Aug 2023
RTGI Shader Adds Image Based Lighting, Extended Ray Lenght Multiplier
by Alessio Palumbo || 30 Dec 2020
Nvidias Grafik-Upgrade auf Knopfdruck: Riesiges Potenzial, aber auch große Probleme
by Nils Raettig || 19 Jan 2022
NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 runs Crysis 3 with Reshade Ray Tracing with 60fps at Very High/1080p
by John Papadopoulos || 14 Jul 2019
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