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Welcome to Marty’s Mods!

We provide a host of high quality post-processing effects to improve the visuals of your favorite video game. Injected into games via ReShade, our highly customizable shaders can be used on countless video games and 3D rendering softwares.

Many of our cutting-edge effects are the powerhouse of popular game modifications, the Ray Traced Global Illumination Shader (RTGI) has even been added to the NVIDIA driver. If you are new to ReShade, check out our free iMMERSE collection with our guides helping you along the way. To go (iMMERSE) Pro, join us on Patreon to revolutionize your gaming experience with our most cutting-edge tools today!



The Ray Traced Global Illumination Shader (RTGI) is our community favorite and has been featured in many gaming magazines all over the world.

RTGI adds fully dynamic, realistic and immersive ray traced lighting to video games and lets old titles shine in a new light. Literally.

Try it out for an… illuminating experience!


ReGrade is a powerful and highly optimized color grading toolset for tone correction and stylization of game scenes. A well-structured UI keeps ReGrade beginner friendly while still being able to live up to expectations set by image editing software. Industry standard color handling ensures high quality output.

If Adobe Lightroom and DaVinci Resolve are sufficient for most image and video editors, then ReGrade is sufficient for you.


A Depth of Field (or DOF) filter simulates the blurring of out-of-focus areas in the image seen in real cameras. Many factors influence the appearance of of this blur, the so-called bokeh, which photographers and film makers use extensively as an artistic tool. Our physically based Depth of Field shader recreates this effect as faithfully as possible.


It does not stop there – we have a wide variety of different effects for all sorts of use cases. All effects are continuously updated, extended and improved to ensure they live up to our promises and your expectations.


Our effects are divided into the iMMERSE (MartysMods Epic ReShade Effects) and iMMERSE Pro suites. iMMERSE is freely available on Github, iMMERSE Pro is our Patreon-only collection with more powerful effects.

To find out more about each effect we offer, check the pages for each effect in the title bar. To gain access to what we have to offer, head over to the download section. And if you are curious about the potential of our effects, the gallery is a good place to start.

In case you need help, our guides will help you at each step along the way, even if you only want to try out ReShade without what we have to offer. The community on both our Discord and the ReShade Discord will welcome you with open hands as well.


We regularly release new effects, update our docs and post news. Do check out the blog section, where we post changelogs, case studies and the occasional glimpse into the tech that goes into our work.

22. July 2023

ReShade and Hunt Showdown

There has been a surge of YouTube videos, reddit threads and more discussing the cheating potential of ReShade in Hunt Showdown. This is an attempt to clear up lots of misconceptions found in comment sections on that topic. The Situation Using…
3. March 2023

A Better R2 Sequence

In 2018, a new type of low discrepancy quasirandom sequences based on the golden ratio has been presented by Dr. Martin Roberts, commonly called "Roberts Sequences" or in the 2D case, R2 sequence. Quasirandom sequences are ubiquitous in rendering, as they…
31. December 2022

04 Preset Installation

Presets are preconfigured settings that contain information about which shaders to use, their order and the values of each of their parameters. If you came from the social media page of your choice, this is likely what you want to do.…
30. December 2022

03 Depth Buffer – Introduction

The depth buffer in a game tells what in the game has “depth”, as in, what is actually 3D, and what is just a plane. It is the basis for effects such as Ambient Occlusion to detect what occludes and what…
30. December 2022

02 Setting-Up ingame – ReShade UI

So, after getting it installed, the next step is to run the game and see if the ReShade popup appears on the top of the screen, if it does, congratulations! You have 70% of the work done. If not, try fiddling…
30. December 2022

01 Introduction to ReShade

ReShade is a shader-injection tool for all games and applications under the DirectX 9-12, OpenGL, and Vulkan graphics API. This tool allows for unlimited creativity from its users in order to get the image that they desire from their games. ReShade…


See what others created using our effects and have to say about them.

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