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This devlog has originally been published on Discord and has been crossposted here to fill the category a bit.

I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m working on rewrite of qUINT and it’s finally reached a release state. Since so many things are new and it’d break old presets if I modified the qUINT repository now, I’ve decided to move on from qUINT and start with a clean slate. Enter iMMERSE – Marty’s Mods Epic ReShade Effects. Why “Marty’s Mods”? Well, as a part of the website launch – which will happen next week if everything goes according to plan – I’m finally biting the bullet and rebranding myself to a better name that isn’t so bad for SEO, meaning I’ll just go by “Marty” now.

iMMERSE Pro is the Patreon lineup and currently only contains RTGI, but I’m migrating the effects one by one to the new standard and revisiting every line of code so expect cleaned, fixed and upgraded variants of it. I’m packaging everything together now so you don’t have to collect a zillion archives. RTGI has received a major rewrite. It’s currently missing a few features like smooth normals (which will be moved to launchpad, see below) but it’s 95% there. I’ve squeezed a lot of performance out of it and the new filter is very motion stable and accurate. Definitely the best and most stable RTGI version yet. This message is getting very long already, so I will go into more detail some other time. Download the iMMERSE Pro archive in 🎁beta-access to get it!

iMMERSE: The best part of iMMERSE? It’s free! Download it here and give it a shot: So far included:

  • iMMERSE MXAO, a total rewrite of the og MXAO with absolutely hilarious perfomance and image quality. I’m not joking when I say it’s the most advanced SSAO out there, as it uses the most state of the art AO tech that exists (visibility bitfields, essentially HBAO on steroids) and improves upon it (visibility bitfields is missing a crucial mathematical term, MXAO reintroduces it), making it like 99.9% there compared to ray traced reference.
  • iMMERSE Launchpad, a catch-all shader for preprocessing, which generates motion vectors, normals and more. Since motion vectors / optical flow and what not are somewhat mysterious to new users and I use the same kind of input data in several shaders, it only makes sense to bundle them all together instead of regenerating this data for every shader. It’s required for RTGI now, just enable it, move it to the top of the shader list and forget about it. Contains debug outputs for various data streams so you can see at a glance if things are working fine.
  • iMMERSE AA, a modded SMAA that’s about 15% faster on DX9 and twice as fast on everything else, with no visual degradation. It’s the fastest AA on ReShade – it’s as fast as FXAA now
  • iMMERSE Sharpen, a new DELC-style sharpen with imho better look to it, as DELC tended to make the image a bit crispy
  • iMMERSE Motion Blur, a parameter-free per object motion blur using the motion vectors produced by launchpad. It’s designed to only bridge the gap between consecutive frames and not cause overly strong blur. Unlike other ReShade motion blur shaders, it correctly handles object borders and translucency.

Many more will follow, so stay tuned :))


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